I am interested in inviting the Earth Science Education Unit to run an Earth Science teacher/trainee teacher CPD course at my school/institution and I should like to see the following workshop(s) presented:

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Primary workshops available in England, Northern Ireland and Wales

KS1: Rock circus (for years 1/2)
Lower KS2: Spot that rock: sorting rocks the scientific way (for years 3/4)
Lower KS2: Exploring rock, soil, water, fossil (for years 3/4)
Upper KS2: Active Earth - active fossil (for years 5/6)

Secondary science workshops available in England, Northern Ireland and Wales

KS3: Investigating Earth's structure
KS3/4: The carbon question - cycling, releasing, capturing

Secondary science/geography workshops available in England, Northern Ireland and Wales

KS3: Spot that rock: rock identification
KS3: The dynamic rock cycle
KS3: Earth science around your school
KS3: Will my gravestone last?
KS3: Any quarry guide: good questions to ask and answers at a quarry, cliff or rock face

Secondary geography workshops available in England, Northern Ireland and Wales

KS3: The plate tectonics story
KS3: Earth's surface activity: from quick to very, very slow

Workshops available in Scotland

Scotland Rocks! (Early level to first level)
Scotland beneath your feet I: rock and soil (Upper primary second level)e
Scotland beneath your feet II: disaster and resource (Upper primary second level)
Scotland’s Rocky Journey (Upper primary second level to lower secondary third level)
Scotland on a Plate: understanding Scotland's rocky journey (Secondary third level to fourth level)

Workshops available across the UK - Earth Physics (14-19)

Tackling Climate Change through Earth Physics
The Seismology Story
The Geophys Story

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Free digital resources, with animations and high quality colour graphics, available with ESEU CPD delivery.