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ESEU Report on the 2-year Pilot and 10-year National Rollout

This Report analyses the success of the Earth Science Education Unit (ESEU) in delivering effective short course Professional Development (PD) across the UK over ten years. Download the Report here.

Secondary Geology/Earth Science PGCE
Places available at Keele University starting September 2014

Further information on Keele University’s Secondary Geology/Earth Science PGCE course can be found on the UCAS website

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Age range: Secondary (11+ years)
Subject: science
Partnership School:  Blackfriars School
Accredited Provider: Keele University

Or please contact :
‘Education at Keele’, School of Public Policy & Professional Practice on telephone numbers 01782 733124, 33120 or 33130.’

Free Scottish Rock Kits! Sponsored by ConocoPhillips

Through the kind generosity of the ‘Exploration and Production UK’ section of 'ConocoPhillips'

FREE Scottish Rock Kits are available to schools receiving either of ESEU's 'Scotland Rocks!' or 'Scotland's Rocky Journey' workshops!   See descriptors.

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ESEU will be attending the following conferences:

  • ASE Annual Conference, Reading, 2-5 January 2013
  • ASE Annual Conference: 50 Year Celebration! Crieff Hydro Hotel, 8-9 March 2013
  • ASE Conference, St Mary’s University College, Belfast: as part of the programme ESEU will be delivering Earth Physics activities on Friday, 7th June 2013 (Post Primary Programme, Session 4, S14)’

‘ASE Annual Conference, University of Birmingham, 8-11 January 2014 (


Title:   Interactive Earth Science for the new KS3 curriculum

Time:  11:30 - 13:00

Description:  Now that the new KS3 science curriculum has been finalised, we know that the rock cycle will form a central part of the Earth science section. But how can you teach this abstract cycle in interactive and engaging ways,  that pupils will find relevant? Come and test a range of activities designed to 'bring the cycle to life' for pupils and to ensure dynamic teaching.

Title:  Earth science out of doors (KS2/3/4)

Time:  14:00 - 15:00

Description: Have you ever asked yourself, 'How can I use the area outside the door of my classroom to teach Earth science principles'? If you have, some of the answers will be revealed on the Birmingham Campus using opportunities available around many schools. So, bring your coat and be ready to be involved in teasing out Earth science principles from outdoor things that many people take for granted.


Title:  Interactive Earth science for the new KS2 curriculum

Time:  14:00 - 15:30
Description:  How can you teach the Earth science content of the new KS2 science curriculum, making sure it is appropriate for Year 3 pupils? Our ESEU workshop offers a range of interactive practical activities that have been tried and tested through ESEU's primary workshops across the UK. These not only help you to develop your own understanding of the KS2 Earth science content - but involve you in 'off the shelf' activities that you could easily use in your classroom next week.

Distinguished speaker:  James Jackson, FRS, Professor of Active Tectonics and Head of Bullard Laboratories, Department of Earth Sciences, Cambridge University. 
Title:  Devastating Earthquakes

Time:  16:00 - 17:00

Introduced by: Chris King, ESEU Director and Professor of Earth Science Education, Keele University
Description:  High-profile earthquakes in the last decade have revealed that rich nations have become very resilient in terms of loss-of-life, while much smaller earthquakes have killed up to 30% of urban populations in countries that are far less well prepared. This contrast is related to wealth, development and education, but also to the geological setting and the nature of the hazard involved. This talk will examine what is behind the sombre conclusion that ‘the rich pay and the poor die'

ESEU Presents Workshops at the Marble Arch Caves

ESEU regularly delivers primary, secondary and Earth Physics (new from 2012) workshops at the Marble Arch Caves.

To book a place or if you would like further information, please contact Dr Kirstin Lemon or telephone: 028 6634 8855.

OPITO – The Oil and Gas Academy.

So how does OPITO – the Oil and Gas Academy hope to work with education?  New Academy Asks Education For Help To Pass Big Tests. See this article.

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