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(England, Northern Ireland and Wales)

  • Session has shown me how I can teach Earth science ‘simply’ in a primary school eg. no need for fancy resources!
  • Would be happy to pass on key ideas to teachers lower down the school, looking at how I could add it to the topics that I teach throughout the year.
  • It was great to see activities which were both interesting and fun but which didn’t need specialise scientific equipment.  Lots of short activities which will improve the children’s interest and understanding of the world around us.
  • Fantastic workshop!  Really enjoyed all the practical elements of it.  Everything (from start to finish) was well explained and demonstrated.  Really worthwhile!
  • I enjoyed getting to try out activities for myself and seeing activities that I could put together (resources wise) myself.   Today was quite relaxed and I found it easy to ask any questions.  I could definitely incorporate these ideas into my classroom plans.  A very worthwhile, enjoyable day – thank you!
  • Very worthwhile course.  Facilitator was particularly knowledgeable and knew exactly what she was doing.  Provided useful ideas and help for future teaching.  Developed my knowledge of Earth science and was extremely interesting.  Very happy I took part, thank you.

(England, Northern Ireland and Wales)

  • Found the practical work very interactive and useful to relate to day-to-day scenarios.
  • It was really interesting, very feasible, low cost very well explained. Fun!
  • Excellent ideas for teaching earth sciences! Things that I would never have thought of to explain the process.
  • Fantastic workshop!  Now full of ideas on how to make Earth science more interesting and exciting. 
  • Before this workshop, I had never thought to integrate other topics into a chemistry lesson. Now that I have seen how the theory of plate tectonics can be used to represent concepts such as partial melting, I will definitely put more Earth science ideas into context in my lessons. This workshop has really opened my eyes to how interesting and important Earth science really is.
  • I will now incorporate Earth science into chemistry and physics teaching as I can see how it links together.

Curriculum for Excellence – Social Studies and Sciences (Scotland)

  • I found this CPD session extremely interesting and has provided me with some super teaching ideas.
  • A very knowledgeable presenter who explained the history of rocks and how it links to present day.  As a school we now have a wealth of knowledge on geology and some fun activities which will teach the children the key facts of how their country/world was made.
  • A fantastic course, this should be included in teaching course eg. Postgrad, thanks.
  • I am looking forward to trying it out, all sorts of ideas sparking!
  • Fascinating – I really enjoyed learning about Scotland’s geology.  I shall definitely use the information in class.
  • Hits all the right buttons for CfE – active learning, individual learning, cross-curricular/multi-disciplinary involving science and humanities and ‘Scotland’ into the equation too!  Very informative and useful especially for primary school level and teachers with limited science background.  Well prepared, well resourced workshop, presented by a very knowledgeable gentleman who successfully managed to convey his passion and enthusiasm for the subject and in the process engaged the participants who took an active part in the proceedings.

Earth Physics
(England, Wales and Scotland)

  • Engaging, with myriad opportunities for development and further investigation.
  • Useful ideas for applying Physics in the real world – makes it more relevant for pupils.
  • As a non-specialist I found the practical elements of the workshop very useful and interesting.
  • Good thought provoking exposure and ideas.
  • Enjoyable and plan to use the resources provided.
  • Great ideas an inspiring workshop!


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