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CPD Workshops for Teachers

Teaching the Dynamic Earth

The Earth Science Education Unit provides Continuing and Professional Development (CPD) for teachers of Key Stages 1 to 4 Science and Geography in England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Our programme of CPD for primary and secondary teachers in Scotland addresses Earth science in the Curriculum for Excellence Framework to enhance experiences, outcomes and expectations for learning and development in Social Studies and Sciences.

All of ESEU’s workshops are designed to raise staff confidence and enthusiasm in teaching about the Earth.  Workshops can be combined to provide half-day, one-day or twilight sessions.

We are able to offer CPD for the cost of expenses for your local trainer only, with no fee.

The trainer will be one of our ESEU facilitators based throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

For further details, please email with your contact details or fill in our enquiry form.

Choose from our Teaching the Dynamic Earth interactive workshops:

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