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About ESEU

Improving Skills and Understanding in Teaching Core Earth Science Topics

ESEU is the Earth Science Education Unit and is a national provider of CPD in Earth science to UK teachers.

oil and gasFunding secured in 2002 from UKOOA and in 2007, up until the present day, from Oil and Gas UK has enabled ESEU to research, develop and deliver its materials around the Earth science content of the English, Welsh and Scottish National Curricula, virtually free of charge to schools.

The Unit offers short (up to two-hour) modular workshops provided singly or as half-day or full-day complementary modules delivered by a nationwide team of 44 centrally trained ESEU facilitators. For your nearest facilitator, see here.

Facilitators have their own mobile science kit and schools are only asked to provide standard laboratory equipment, photocopying etc and travel expenses for the facilitator.

These workshops are activity-based, stress the importance of enquiry in science, address pedagogical issues as well as subject content and have been based on materials and strategies developed initially, and supported by, the Earth Science Teachers' Association (ESTA) and developed in collaboration with the Scottish Earth Science Education Forum (SESEF).

ESEU provides high quality CPD in an area of the curriculum which is both important and neglected. Those who have taken part have greatly welcomed ESEU's initiative.  ESEU's research has shown high up-take of the activities in all the schools where workshops have been presented.

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