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News Archive


  • Association for Science Education (ASE website), Earth Science Day held at the January Annual Conferences: Birmingham (2014), Reading (2013), Liverpool (2012), Reading (2011), Nottingham (2010), Reading (2009) and January 2004.
  • ASE Scottish Science Education Annual Conference (March 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)
  • ASE Regional Meetings: Bath (November 2009), CPD Conference (June 2010), South West (March 2009), East of England (March and October 2009), NE London and Essex (June 2009)
  • Bolton's Primary Science Conference, Bolton Science and Technology Centre (June 2010)
  • Earth Science Teachers’ Association (ESTA) September Conferences:  Leicester (2010), Southampton (2009), Liverpool (2008),  Belfast (2007), Bristol (2006), Derby (2005), Edinburgh (2004) and Manchester (2003).
  • Institute of Physics (IoP) annual meeting for teachers of Physics at Rugby School (June 2010)
  • Institute of Physics (IoP) Spring Physics Update Conference (March 2010)
  • The Scottish Learning Festival at SECC, Glasgow (September 2010 and 2009)
  • Staffordshire Local Authority: Primary Science and Design and Technology Conference (June 2010)
  • Geoscience Graduates for the 21st Century, University of Leeds (January 2011)
  • Science Community Representing Education (SCORE) Annual Conference (February 2011)
  • ESEU has also delivered workshops at the ‘Geology at school and university: Geology & Civilization 2011 Conference’ in St Petersburg, Russia (June 2011)
  • 34th International Geological Congress, Brisbane, Australia (August 2012)

ESEU Workshops in Northern Ireland

ESEU workshops in Northern Ireland have taken place as follows:

  • W5 @ Odyssey, Belfast (2008)
  • Marble Arch Caves European Geopark, Florencecourt, Fermanagh (January 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011, June and November 2010, January and June 2009, June and July 2008)

ESEU Activity Launch Events

Official ESEU launches for activities in:

  • Scotland took place on Friday, 17th September 2004 at ‘Our Dynamic Earth’, Edinburgh. 
  • Wales took place on Tuesday, 3 June 2003, at the National Museum and Gallery, Cardiff.
  • England took place on Tuesday, 5 February 2002 at the Earth Galleries, Natural History Museum, London.
  • Primary Workshops took place on Saturday, 10 January 2009 at the Association of Science Education Annual Conference (8-10 January 2009).
  • Earth Physics Workshops took place at the Association of Science Education Annual Conference, Nottingham (January 2010).

Associated Work of ESEU

Ambassadorial Scheme:  Thanks to support from the Department for Trade and Industry, ESEU facilitators were able to support a wider range of events in addition to ESEU’s standard workshops for teachers, from 2003–2005.
Britain’s Journey Animation:  ESEU has worked with Cambridge Paleomap Services to produce a continental reconstruction animation program for the last 450 Ma, called ‘Britain’s Journey’, it has northern Europe as its focal point and has been specifically designed as a teaching aid for schools. 

Britain’s Journey has since been updated by ESEU (2004) and has been produced to accompany the in-service training that is provided by ESEU to secondary schools throughout the country.   If you would like a free copy on a CD Rom, that also contains a whole host of invaluable KS3 and KS4 teaching material, simply get in touch with ESEU to book an CPD workshop for your school and the workshop facilitator will leave a copy with you afterwards.

Presentation by Eric Wolff from the British Antarctic Survey at the ASE Conference, Reading 2011

Dr Eric Wolff from the British Antarctic Survey was ESTA/ESEU’s Distinguished Speaker at the ASE Conference (Reading) in January 2011. To view his presentation on ‘Natural and anthropogenic climate change – lessons from ice cores. Download his presentation here (PDF 7MB)

Climate Change: Energy and Environment Focus Educational Software

A Review.


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