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Other sites intended for UK teachers who teach Earth science

Earth Science Education Unit

The Earth Science Education Unit, based at Keele University. ESEU provides school-based CPD of a practical nature, for the cost of travel of the facilitator, but with NO fee. The website contains many of the activities, apart from the large files needed for the KS4 workshops which are given out on CD Rom at the meetings.

Earth Science On-site

The Earth Science On-site project, undertaken by UKRIGS, provides high quality online field activity guides for former aggregates sites.

Earth Science Teachers’ Association

The Earth Science Teachers’ Association A voluntary body, which works to improve the standards of Earth science teaching from Primary to University level, and which provides support for teachers delivering it, whether trained Earth scientists or not.


Joint Earth Science Education Initiative. Over 40 Earth science activities written by chemists, biologists and physicists, with the support of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and the Institutes of Physics and of Biology among others.

ESEF The aims of the Earth Science Education Forum for England and Wales are to promote earth science in education at all levels and to bring together all relevant organisations in this pursuit.
National Science Curriculum for England The Government website giving the latest version (Mk V !) of the National Science Curriculum for England. Key Stage 1 is 5 -7 year olds: KS2 is 7 -11: KS3 is 11-14 and KS4 is 14-16 year olds, leading to the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). Post-16 students study for AS Level (I year) and Advanced Level (2 years).
sesef The Scottish Earth Science Education Forum (SESEF) is an association of educators and scientists established to promote understanding of planet Earth in Scottish schools and colleges. An understanding of how planet Earth works should be an essential part of every young person's education and is necessary for the sustainability of Earth environments and resources.

Classroom Google Earth

A wiki for sharing science teaching experiences.

Education Scotland

Information available regarding Curriculum for Excellence and GLOW (the world's first national intranet for education that is transforming the way the curriculum is delivered in Scotland)

General geology links

American Geological Institute

The American Geological Institute has a super photo-library, with many pictures available copyright-free.

BBC Home: landscapes

This site explores the Landscapes of Scotland and develops Map Skills. It is aimed at P4/5 or 7-9 year olds.

British Geological Survey

The British Geological Survey education section, which is rapidly developing new materials. Includes interactive sections, such as “Ask a Geologist”. See this link for the most recent teaching resources.

British Geological Survey (photographs)

BGS photos (brilliant!)

British Geological Survey (maps)

BGS access to maps etc.
BGS Schools Seismology

The British Geological Survey - how to obtain and use simple, accurate equipment to measure worldwide earthquakes in schools.  An excellent resource for Physics departments, as well as for Earth scientists.


Digital Library for Earth System Education

Earth Learning Idea

Earth Learning Idea. Free Earth-related practical activities written for the International Year of Planet Earth 2007-9. The activities are written so that they can be used by schools in countries with poor resources, as well as those which are well equipped. The blog encourages users to contribute too.

Earth: Portrait of the Planet

Short animations illustrating a wide range of geological processes, developed to accompany the textbook "Earth: Portrait of a Planet" by Stephen Marshak (requires Macromedia Flash).

Earth Sciences & Geography, Keele University

Useful UK Geological map and timescale plus a UK Geohazards map with additional information.  Can be downloaded free or ordered for a small charge.

Ecton Hill Field Studies Association

Offers day courses for A Level Chemistry and Geology, based at (and in!) the former copper mine near Hartington in the Peak District.

Edinburgh Geological Society

offers a range of facilities including lectures, excursions, publications and the maintenance of a geological library
Exploring Earth

Offers information on textbook resources, Earth system animations, 3-D models and careers in Earth science.

Faraday Institute for Science and Religion Briefing papers from the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion. The 4-page paper by Prof Robert White, called "The Age of the Earth" gives a very sane view of the subject, written by the Professor of Geophysics at Cambridge University (England!), who is himself a practising Christian.

Geologists’ Assocation

The Geologists’ Association is for amateur and professional geologists.

GeoBus A mobile unit providing Earth science pupil resources to Scottish schools, including materials and the workbooks that pupils complete during the sessions.


Resources specifically linked to UK curriculum (These are the Plate Tectonics pages of a much larger, mainly geography based website, which also includes satellite images that would be useful for Plate Tectonic teaching).

The Geological Society (of London)

Web-based resources for pupils and teachers alike, aimed at providing stimulating and accurate Earth science material.

Geological Society (rock cycle)

A resource for pupils and teachers alike, aimed at providing stimulating, accurate material covering the rock cycle topic at KS3 (aged 11-14) and more besides.

Geowalks for Schools Enthuse your class with some curriculum-focused outdoor pupil learning? Find out more about your local Scottish landscape and the processes that formed it? Get some ideas and support for your classroom teaching?

International Union of Geological Sciences

International Union of Geological Sciences: Commission on Geoscience Education, Training and Technology Transfer.

Mineral Information Institute

Excellent archive of rock photographs (in alphabetical order) with description and use.

Northern California Earthquake Data Center

Earthquake depths exercise – Images.

Open University

Interactive geology toolkit developed for the BBC series - British Isles: A Natural History (requires Macromedia Flash).

Oxford University Museum of Natural History Learning Zone

Designed for children, this website highlights fun activities for fossils, minerals and rocks.

Paleomap Project

Continental reconstructions, including movies.

Rice University

Rice University Plate Tectonics exercise. Posters downloadable in various formats and sizes, with teacher’s guide, suggested class activities and other materials.


Nationwide club for young fans (eg ages 6-16) of fossils, rocks and dinosaurs.

Scottish Geology

a permanent 'gateway' to Scottish geology on the web. Scottish Geology is brought to you by those in Scotland involved in communicating geology to the public.

Scottish Natural Heritage

Scotland’s Natural Heritage Zones – gives quite a technical history of the geology of Scotland.  Not designed for schools but useful if you would like more information.

University of California Museum of Paleontology

Good summaries of history and scientific framework of Plate Tectonics, with downloadable movies.

University of Leicester

Links to useful seismological programs, demonstrating the dynamic nature of Earth's seismicity, at the University of Leicester.


The Association for Science Education operates a weekly web posting, covering topical science subjects, some of which impinge on Earth science, such as global climate change.

US Geological Survey

The US Geological Society is a very useful resource.

   USGS-Plate Tectonics links

Plate Tectonics links - “This Dynamic Earth”

   USGS-This Dynamic Planet

“This Dynamic Planet” poster.

Virtual Quarry Guide

Excellent teacher resource from the Mineral Products Association which also offers a virtual quarry tour.

Visible Earth, NASA

Geomorphology images including many of plate boundary features

Your Planet Earth

A series of Powerpoint presentations intended for Earth scientists to use when they visit schools as "ambassadors" for the subject. The web address uses the current value for the age of the Earth (in millions of years!).

Windows to the Universe

Windows to the Universe - your portal to discovery! The National Earth Science Teachers’ Association offers a wealth of information available about the Earth and Space sciences and related topics in the humanities.

Plate Tectonics links

Geology : Plate tectonics Good summaries of history and scientific framework of Plate Tectonics, with downloadable movies
Advanced National Seismic System Earthquake depths exercise - Images:
Palaeomar Project Continental reconstructions, including movies
Discovering Plate Boundaries Rice University Plate Tectonics exercise. Posters downloadable in various formats and sizes, with teacher’s guide, suggested class activities and other materials
Visible Earth Geomorphology images including many of plate boundary features
Georesources Resources specifically linked to UK curriculum (These are the Plate Tectonics pages of a much larger, mainly geography based website, which also includes satellite images that would be useful for Plate Tectonic teaching)

Links to UK information gateways

GEsource GEsource is a free information resource for Geography and the Environment, aimed primarily at staff, students and researchers in the HE and FE communities

Links to other science education-related websites

Association of Science Education The Association plays a significant role in promoting excellence in teaching and learning of science in schools and colleges. Working closely with the science professional bodies, industry and business, the ASE provides a UK-wide network bringing together individuals and organisations to share ideas and tackle challenges in science teaching, develop resources and foster high quality Continuing Professional Development.

International Geoscience Education Organisation

Links to Earth science education worldwide.

Education Scotland

ESEU/SESEF workshops for Scotland are registered with the National Register of CPD providers.

Keele Science Learning Centre

The Keele Science Learning Centre provides a high quality, innovative science continuing professional development programme for primary, secondary and further education teachers, as well as technicians and teaching assistants. The Centre’s aim is to work with staff and schools to realise their vision for science and to develop the curriculum and teaching that students deserve.

An experienced and friendly team of science educators and professional staff and with over eight years’ experience and 8,000 CPD days since 2008, can support planning for science development needs.

To view the Keele Science Learning Centre’s CPD opportunities please go to or, for more information, contact the Centre on telephone number 01782 734429, email'


The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Network (STEMNET) is a UK-wide charity that promotes Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics awareness, especially among young people. Their website includes links to resources, local SETPOINTS, STEM events and news. is a free and compelling environmental Internet resource for Key Stages 1-4 providing teachers and students extensive curriculum-based information about soil.

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