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(England, Northern Ireland and Wales)


  • There was a fantastic variety of new information over the whole workshop. The quality resources have given me more ideas of how to incorporate learning about Earth Science in my future practice.
  • The facilitator gave some very good teaching ideas and made us feel comfortable in answering questions when we weren't too sure.
  • Very good pace/delivery. Lots of interesting, informative and engaging activities. Would be easy to replicate in school. Enjoyed it very much.
  • Has given me more confidence to teach more practical Earth Science.
  • Very good and engaging tasks, ideal for stimulating curiosity and encouraging children to ask questions.
  • Very impressed that the workshop was available in Welsh. The examples were very good and very useful for future classes.
  • It was really interesting and doing the practical activities rather than just hearing about how to do them was so helpful and made me feel so much more confident in how to do the activities and how it would work in the classroom.

(England, Northern Ireland and Wales)


  • PGCE tutors at Newman University, Birmingham had observed a noticeable improvement in Earth science teaching over the last few years when visiting schools and that was down to ESEU. 
  • Despite my having a background in Earth Science, this training day was very useful and inspiring re: the range of activities that are possible and suitable and the ways teaching Earth Sciences at Secondary can be approached. A BIG thank you!
  • This session has: provided me with information (I have learnt something!); given me confidence in being able to teach the subject; provided me with support with resources & given me all of the background information I will need.
  • The workshops were very useful, especially at demonstrating interesting practicals to be used in reinforcing Earth Science teaching and how to point pupils towards the evidence for the processes and structures, etc. that they study. Thanks.
  • Very interesting and engaging session which removed some misconceptions and gave me some very good practical ideas to try out when teaching the subject.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the session! I feel more interested in Earth Science now and see the potential of the subject in the classroom.

Curriculum for Excellence – Social Studies and Sciences (Scotland)


  • Excellent practical activities that can be adapted depending on age and stage of pupils.  Great points for discussion with rock flashcards.
  • Great ideas for practical activities for all stages of the school. Good interdisciplinary links.
  • Very interesting and clear delivery. Clear and easy to follow resources. Pitched at appropriate level.
  • Expertly and interestingly presented. Lots of practical ideas demonstrating everyday relevance of Earth Sciences. Thanks.
  • Great ideas and has improved my confidence.
  • Really glad to have so many practical activities which are adaptable to all stages. Fantastically presented and certainly increased my own knowledge.

Earth Physics
(England, Wales and Scotland)


  • I enjoyed all aspects of the workshop.  It was structured in a very simple and easy way to understand and personally found it very helpful and useful to apply them when teaching Physics.  It has also given me new ideas and how to plan some activities in future lessons.  Thanks a lot!
  • Really fantastic workshop, very enjoyable, useful and easy to apply to my classes.
  • The workshop was really informative giving some alternative practicals to use.
  • Very good, well explained, fun.  Will definitely impact the way I teach.
  • Thank you very much for some very helpful practical ideas.  Very well led.
  • Very interesting material covered.  Addressed well my own misconceptions and misconceptions pupil may have.  Good ideas for practical work and demonstrations.


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