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CPD Workshops for Teachers

Teaching the Dynamic Earth

Earth Physics Workshops: ages 14-19 - please see attached flyer for details

  • Tackling Climate Change through Earth Physics
    How does climate change work and what can be done about it?
    Consider the physics behind how climate change could affect the Earth, before investigating different methods of generating power that have low greenhouse gas emissions. Finally, decide which power source would be most appropriate for your region.
  • The Seismology Story
    How are seismic waves generated and detected and what can this tell us about the Earth?  Try a range of activities, including some of those from the Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme’s ‘Seismology’ publication, to investigate how Earth physics can reveal crucial information about Earth processes and structure.
  • Earth Physics: the geophys story
    Try using the ‘Geophys’ of ‘Time-Team’ to detect ‘things beneath the ground’ in the same way as geophysical techniques find archaeological remains, buried infrastructure and natural resources.  These activities show how school physics is used in ‘real world’ situations.

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