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CPD Workshops for Teachers

Teaching the Dynamic Earth

Primary Workshops

Earth science workshops for England, Northern Ireland and Wales


Rock circus (for years 1/2:  90 minutes)
Try a series of 'hands-on' activities that involve identifying, sorting and classifying a range of things 'found in the ground'. Through the circus activities, focus first on minerals, then fossils, then rocks, before applying your identification skills to the 'Found in the ground' activity to distinguish all three. Then use this experience to build your own sedimentary rock and to identify natural materials in and around the school.

Lower KS2

Spot that rock: sorting rocks the scientific way (for years 3/4:  90 minutes)
'Spot that rock' leads you step by step through a series of investigative practical activities that will allow you to teach pupils to investigate and sort most rocks from first principles (and distinguish them yourself). These methods can then be used on a series of unknown rocks. The activities not only explain why rocks have the characteristics that they do, but also what this means in the development of the local and UK landscape and in the uses of rocks.

So, these simple but widely applicable methods can help you not only to investigate and understand major rock groups, but also to explain the landscapes of the world!

Exploring rock, soil, water, fossil (for years 3/4:  90 minutes)
Try a series of 'hands-on' activities to describe, classify and identify rocks, investigate soils, explore the changing states of water, with their links to the water cycle, and find out what fossils can tell us. Have a go at the 'Great soil race', making your own rain, bringing a fossil to life and much more through a range of practical and investigative activities.

Upper KS2

Active Earth – active fossil (for years 5/6:  90 minutes)
Try a series of 'hands-on' activities to explore how organisms inherit their characteristics and become fossilised before investigating a range of landscape-forming and potentially hazardous Earth processes - in a practical, enquiry-based way.

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